Written by Naomi Hefter

A Road to Recovery

Paranoid, defensive, angry, insecure, detached, and anxious. These are just a few words that described me for a long time. And for a 25-year-old living alone in the big smoke, that can be a harmful concoction of emotions. The day I found myself homeless, 16 years old and feeling nothing but 100% pure fear of…

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Tips on looking after your mental health this Christmas

Christmas can be a time for celebration, but it can also be challenging for those going through difficult times. Whatever this festive period means to you, it’s important that everyone feels able to manage their mental health throughout the holidays. Whether you’re unsure how to cope with the loss of a loved one or the…

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After losing his brother to suicide, Scott shares his story to make sure nobody suffers in silence

If I can reach out to one person with this blog that is experiencing a mental health illness or someone who has been affected by it, then I consider it worth the while. I hope you will join me in sharing just what it means to you – to add to the voices of those…

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My Journey with Post-Natal Depression and Post-Natal Anxiety

“You’re so much stronger now”, is the phrase I hear the most now. It is the most frustrating compliment as I was strongest when I was most unwell. When I didn’t have the support, when I wasn’t on medication. That’s when I was at my strongest, when I was waking up and feeling like I…

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“Dance is a universal and non-judgemental language, which allows people to connect and express themselves fully”

Do you think dance can have a positive effect on your mental health? Absolutely. Many scientific studies have concluded that dancing has a positive effect on mental health. Moving to music in whatever form or capacity is enjoyable. Whether that is in a structured dance session or just putting on a great song and boogying…

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