Soumoujit Gosh is a marathon coordinator for Best Beginnings. Here, he reveals how hearing a runner's story got him to open up about his own mental health.

How becoming a marathon coordinator helped me address my own mental health

In December 2017 I joined the Best Beginnings team to support with coordination of our 2018 London Marathon runners, in partnership with the Heads Together campaign for mental health awareness. Little did I know then it would lead to making an inspirational friendship that has helped me face my own mental health issues. Although I…

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#TeamHeadsTogether Training Day 2019

This April, #TeamHeadsTogether will be back – taking on the 2019 Virgin Money London Marathon to help us change the conversation on mental health. We’ve brought the team together to help them get to know each other; to give them tips for their training and fundraising; and most importantly to talk about mental health. Our team’s…

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Male Mental Health visits for The Duke of Cambridge

This morning, The Duke of Cambridge has visited two organisations in London which are dedicated to supporting men with their mental health. First Stop: Pall Mall Barbers His Royal Highness first visited Pall Mall Barbers, who are members of the Lions Barber Collective. The collective is an international group of top barbers who have come…

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The Duchess of Cambridge attends the Mental Health in Education conference

The conference  brought together delegates from across the mental health and education sectors to explore and discuss the benefits of collaborative working and what more can be done to tackle mental health issues in schools. The event, hosted by broadcaster and presenter Kate Silverton, had a full day of speakers, panel discussions and breakout sessions. Her…

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“What happened when I opened up to my husband about my depression”

Depression isn’t just an illness, it’s also a mask. It hides behind smiles and laughter just as easily as tears. I’ll never be one to tread the boards or quote the bard, but my mental health, when it’s in decline, does turn me into a performer of sorts; an illusionist. For a long time I…

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