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Privacy statement

1. Your personal information

Preserving your privacy is important to us and we are committed to letting you know how we use your personal information. The Royal Foundation will only collect, process and store your personal information in accordance with data protection laws. Your details will be held by us, and also provided to organisations working on our behalf to assist us with our work (not to use for their own purposes). We will only share your personal information with other organisations to use for their own purposes where we have informed you of this, or as required by law.

2. Information collected for mailing lists

Users join our mailing lists voluntarily by signing up through the forms on our website. We will retain your details securely in order to notify you of updates and news regarding the Heads Together campaign, until such time as you unsubscribe from our mailing list, after which point your record will be updated and your data will be removed within a reasonable timeframe. We do not sell, rent, loan, trade or lease email addresses to any third party. Your data will be used to communicate with you about the Heads Together campaign and how you can support it.
If in the future the management of the Heads Together campaign is transferred to another organisation, you will be informed of this with the option to unsubscribe. Your data will only be transferred to be used for the purposes of the Heads Together campaign.

3. How we will share your information

Third party marketing usage
We may also use your email address to promote relevant content to you on other platforms (such as Facebook) however any data used will be encrypted throughout the process and deleted once the process is complete (for more information please see the Facebook Custom Audiences Terms of Service and Twitter Terms of Service.

Requests for mental health related support and information
The Royal Foundation does not have the expertise to provide mental health related support and information.  Heads Together is a campaign in partnership with 8 other charities and we encourage those who need urgent help to contact Mind (charity number 219830) directly.  If you contact us with such a query we will share the information with Mind to the extent necessary for them to respond directly to you with the support or information you require.

We will send you an email to confirm we have done so and giving you the opportunity to let us know if you are no longer happy for us to share this information.  If you then tell us you are not happy for Mind to have this information or to contact you we will request that Mind delete the personal information that we have provided them, including the forwarded email, immediately.  Please be aware that this process may take 24 hours and there may be a chance that Mind will respond to you directly in the meantime.

Mind may share your information with other organisations and once they have received your information will process it in accordance with their own privacy policy.

5. Keeping your information secure

To prevent unauthorised access or disclosure, to maintain data accuracy, and to ensure the appropriate use of the information, The Royal Foundation will take all reasonable and appropriate procedures to safeguard the information we collect and process. We require the third parties referenced above to manage your data in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998. In particular when transferring confidential or sensitive information we will protect it appropriately.

6. Data retention

The Royal Foundation will retain your data only as required or permitted under data protection law and while it has a legitimate purpose for doing so. If you apply for a London Marathon place your data will generally be kept until at least April 2017 to allow us to retain your information on the waiting list in case a place becomes available. If you subscribe to the Heads Together mailing list we will delete your data within a reasonable timeframe from when you unsubscribe or the campaign ending.

7. Contacting The Royal Foundation

If you contact us (by any method) about the website or to ask questions regarding The Royal Foundation or the campaign, we may keep a record of that correspondence and use your contact details to reply to you. Communications in connection with the website may be sent to you from us by e-mail. Please note, e-mail is not a fully secure means of communication. Whilst we try to keep our systems and communications protected against viruses and other harmful effects we cannot guarantee this.

If you provide us with sensitive information about your mental health we may share this with our charity partner Mind as explained in section 4 above. We will also retain it to assist you if required and for our records in accordance with our data retention policy.

8. User Generated content

You must be the owner of all rights, including copyright, for all content that you submit to the site. Any content that you submit to the website that infringes copyright will be removed if reported by the rights holder

If you are the copyright holder and want to report use of your copyrighted material please contact

Any content submitted may be used by the Heads Together campaign charity partners and The Royal Foundation of the Prince and Princess of Wales and Prince Harry for promotional purposes related to the campaign. We will not share the content with third parties outside of the core charities listed under the Charity Partners section.

9. Cookies Policy

What are cookies?
A “cookie” is a small text file that is placed on a website user’s device/computer hard drive by a website. There are several types of cookie. This policy explains how we use cookies on this website at (the “Website”).

The type of cookies we use
The types of cookies we use on the Website are set out below:-
Google Analytics
Google Analytics are used widely by websites to collect information about how website visitors use a site. We will use Google Analytics cookies to collect information about how users use the Website and to improve the Website. Google Analytics collect information in an anonymous form and will not allow us to identify you or collect any personal information about you. Google Analytics do not track your internet activity after leaving the Website.

Social media cookies
This Website contains link buttons and content from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, so that you can easily share content from our Website with your social media networks. If you use these features, these social media sites may store cookies on your device/computer. Information on the cookies used can be found in the information given on these sites. Please visit these social media sites directly to read the information about which cookies may be stored on your device/computer.

Website cookie acceptance
We will use a cookie to record if users have accepted the use of cookies on this Website.
This cookie will be stored on your device/computer if you have consented to our use of cookies by indicating your consent to the pop-up message on the Website.

Internet browsers
Internet browsers normally accept cookies by default. However, it is possible to set an internet browser to reject cookies.

By clicking the message about cookies when you visit the Website indicating your consent you are consenting to our use of cookies unless you set your internet browser to reject cookies.
If you do not accept our use of cookies as set out in this policy, please set your internet browser to reject cookies.

Form data
In the Runner application form on this page we use cookies to temporarily store answers to questions to make completion as simple as possible. This cookie will expire after 24 hours. The cookie will be automatically deleted when the user successfully submits the application form. Please note that if you have set your browser to reject cookies, this temporary storage of information will not be possible.

10. Linked sites

We make no representations about any other websites. When you access any other website through a link on our Website you understand that it is independent from us and that we have no control over that website or the way your personal information is collected through those websites. Those websites may have their own privacy policies and we encourage you to look at those policies or contact the website operators directly to understand how your personal information is used.

11. Subject Access Requests

In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 individuals wishing to access their Personal Data (as defined under DPA 1998) stored by The Royal Foundation should submit a request in writing to:

The Royal Foundation
PO Box 73921
W8 9HH

or by emailing The request should include address details and provide documented evidence of who you are (e.g. a copy of your driving licence, passport, birth certificate).You should also provide as much detail as possible regarding the information you wish to access (e.g. specific details of information required, relevant time periods, etc.). If you agree, we will try to deal with your request informally, for example by providing you with the specific information you need over the telephone.

Where multiple requests for the same data are made within a certain specified time period under the Data Protection Act 1998, The Royal Foundation need only respond to the initial request. If you wish to make another request at a later time and/or new or different information is requested, The Royal Foundation will ascertain at that time whether a new subject access request has been made and by when a response is required. In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 The Royal Foundation will charge a £10 fee for administering this request. You can make this payment by sending a cheque made out to The Royal Foundation at the address above.

Once The Royal Foundation receives a completed Subject Access Request, we will make best endeavours to compile and provide all relevant, proportionate and non-exempt information and any necessary explanations about the data within 40 days, in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. In any event, you will receive all the information that has been located and can be released in accordance with the law, along with an explanation for any information that cannot be provided at that time.

Subject Access Requests may be submitted in paper or electronic format, and may be responded to in kind.

12. Contacting us & How To Make a Complaint

If you have comments or questions about our Privacy Statement, any concerns or a complaint regarding our collection and use of your data or a possible breach of your privacy, please send them to Alternatively you can write to us at the address below. We will generally contact you within 30 days after receipt of your complaint to address your concerns and outline options regarding how they may be resolved. We will aim to ensure that your complaint is resolved in a timely and appropriate manner.

The Royal Foundation
PO Box 73921
W8 9HH

13. Updating this Privacy Policy

Please note, we may update this Privacy Policy at any time, so please check it regularly. This policy was last updated on 3 October 2017.

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