Soumoujit Gosh is a marathon coordinator for Best Beginnings. Here, he reveals how hearing a runner's story got him to open up about his own mental health.

How becoming a marathon coordinator helped me address my own mental health

In December 2017 I joined the Best Beginnings team to support with coordination of our 2018 London Marathon runners, in partnership with the Heads Together campaign for mental health awareness. Little did I know then it would lead to making an inspirational friendship that has helped me face my own mental health issues. Although I…

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“What happened when I opened up to my husband about my depression”

Depression isn’t just an illness, it’s also a mask. It hides behind smiles and laughter just as easily as tears. I’ll never be one to tread the boards or quote the bard, but my mental health, when it’s in decline, does turn me into a performer of sorts; an illusionist. For a long time I…

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Top Tips for Beating Loneliness as a Mum

1) Find Classes Baby classes aren’t just for baby – they are for you too! Head to your local library or children’s’ centre for free or cheap activities. There are also some great apps  to find what paid baby classes are on near to you. It’s so important to get out of the house.  …

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The Crimbo Limbo – it’s not easy with an Eating Disorder

  Christmas with an ED can be tricky, but here are a few things I hope might make it that lil’ bite (lol I think I’m hilarious!) easier for you all. The helpful hints below are for ED warriors (I don’t like the phrase sufferers and warriors sounds like I’m talking to you all wearing…

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A Road to Recovery

Paranoid, defensive, angry, insecure, detached, and anxious. These are just a few words that described me for a long time. And for a 25-year-old living alone in the big smoke, that can be a harmful concoction of emotions. The day I found myself homeless, 16 years old and feeling nothing but 100% pure fear of…

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