Meet Team Heads Together 2019: Why Keith’s running the London Marathon

Keith used to believe he'd never be able to run a marathon...

Why are you running the marathon?

I had wanted to stretch myself and take on a couple of challenges that would push me. I had run half marathons in the past and told myself I couldn’t ever do a whole one. But last year I changed my mind and told myself I could so here I am. There other reason is the fundraising. I wanted to set another challenge of raising money for charity and Heads Together is such a great cause, I’m proud to be doing it for them.

Why are you running it for Heads Together?

The short version is it’s a subject I understand a bit about and I want to help anybody who could benefit from the work Heads Together do.

What are you most excited about on race day?

I’m tempted to say finishing but that would miss the point somewhat.  I know I’ll be nervous but when the legs settle down and I get into my stride after a few miles I suspect I’ll be loving it and soaking up the atmosphere.  Its such a big event, I’m excited to be part of it so just want to make sure enjoy it as much as I can.

What’s keeping you motivated?

My family, in particular my wife Leigh and daughter Laura, have encouraged me so much, but also my friends and colleagues. We have had so much support throughout this and it’s kept me going. Also, I’ve been lucky enough to have run alongside Suzanne from my work who is also running the marathon for Heads Together. We’ve made a good wee team and she’s kept me going and most importantly stopped me tripping over too many things on the way (literally!)

What’s your top tip of advice for a fellow marathon runner?

Ideally find a running partner or buddy.  Its been so much easier with help from others, but that’s true of so many things. That and stick to a plan, they work!