Meet Team Heads Together 2019: Why Laura’s running the London Marathon

"Just asking someone ‘how are you?’ can make such a huge difference."

Why are you running the marathon?

I’ve always thought I’d like to run a marathon, especially London, but never thought I actually would. Mainly because I didn’t think I’d be dedicated enough to commit to the training through the winter, but something switched in my mind and I just felt determined to give it a go and tick it off the bucket list.

 Why are you running it for Heads Together?

Mental health is something every human being can relate to in some way, and ending the stigma around talking about it is so important. That goes for those who are struggling, and those who aren’t. Just asking someone ‘how are you?’ can make such a huge difference; it’s amazing how many people don’t ‘check in’ on those around them.

What are you most excited about on race day?

The atmosphere! I’ve been told by lots of runner friends that there’s nothing like the marathon crowds that is London. I also can’t wait to run across Tower Bridge, and see London from a different angle.

What’s keeping you motivated?

My friends, family and colleagues have been so generous sponsoring me to support my journey, so whenever I’ve hit a wall in my long runs I remember I’m running to raise money for such a great charity. I also have a daughter who’s almost 2, and whilst fitting in training around her and working has been tough, I’m determined to complete it and make her proud. I’m pretty sure I’ll cry on the day when I run past her in the crowd!

 What’s your top tip of advice for a fellow marathon runner?

As a first timer, I’d say the best advice I’ve been given is to take it at your own pace, and enjoy it. It can be disheartening when you speak to people who have completed marathons in really good times, and you think god I’m so slow! But most people don’t care what time you do it in. Completing a marathon is a huge achievement which most people won’t do, so we should be proud of ourselves regardless of how it pans out on the day!

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