Male Mental Health visits for The Duke of Cambridge

This morning, The Duke of Cambridge has visited two organisations in London which are dedicated to supporting men with their mental health.

First Stop: Pall Mall Barbers

His Royal Highness first visited Pall Mall Barbers, who are members of the Lions Barber Collective. The collective is an international group of top barbers who have come together to raise awareness for the prevention of suicide and provide training for barbers, called BarbersTalk.

Barbers are being trained to recognise signs of depression and mental health issues, listen to clients and advise them on the best places to go for support. The barber’s chair has proven to be an effective place for men to feel comfortable and to open up, so The Lions Barber Collective is training barbers to recognise the signs of mental health issues, to listen when they talk, and to feel more confident in signposting them to support.

Find out more about The Lions Barber Collective


Second Stop: Future Men

On his second visit, The Duke visited a charity called ‘Future Men’, who were running one of their ‘Future Dads’ sessions. This programme runs in locations across London aiming to build stronger families by providing practical guidance, advice and support, especially for young and hard to reach fathers, and to develop their confidence in their role as dads.

His Royal Highness met a group of men with their children who have completed the course to discuss the impact of the programme and how they have found the reality of the transition to fatherhood.

This invaluable work is empowering young men to develop their confidence in their new roles as dads, and is helping to build stronger families as a result.


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