Celebrate With Conversation This Father’s Day

Today I celebrate my third Father’s Day as a father. For me it is a day not just to celebrate how fortunate I am for my young family, but to reflect on just how much I’ve learned about fatherhood and the issues facing fathers in all walks of life. In particular, it is a time to reflect on my responsibility to look after not just the physical health of my two children, but to treat their mental needs as just as important a priority. – HRH The Duke of Cambridge

Find out more about why The Duke wants to help dads and father figures have the confidence to talk to children and each other about their feelings
in this article

A really important thing that fathers and father figures do is have great conversations – fun, meaningful and honest conversations about who we really are and how we can best support each other.

So this Father’s Day we are celebrating the fathers and father figures in our lives that have a positive impact on our mental health.

We’re inviting people celebrating Father’s Day to #celebratewithconversation by taking the Heads Together Father’s Day Challenge.

Take the Heads Together Father’s Day Challenge

We’ve taken the traditional ‘Mr and Mrs’ quiz and added a Heads Together twist. The simple Challenge is for fathers and father figures and their children (of all ages) to ask each other fun and insightful questions from the list provided and compare your answers.

Then share a video clip of your challenge on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page. Or let us know that you’ve done it via the share buttons below. Remember to link us in.

You can download a pdf with all the questions here  and below is a quick example of how it works.

What makes your child cheer up? Dad answers, then child gives answer.

What’s the funniest thing your Dad has done? child answers, then Dad gives answer.

See the Fathers Day Challenge in action at the Heads Together Fathers Day breakfast where The Duke met with dads, mentors & children to discuss fatherhood.


Download the Heads Together Father’s Day Challenge questions

Why not challenge someone else to take the Challenge? Just click on these buttons to Challenge others to take part and #celebratewithconversation this Father’s Day.

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For many people and for many different reasons Father’s Day can be a difficult day. 

Today we also remember the fathers that are no longer with us, and celebrate the male father figures and role models that support us with our mental health. 

For those that may be struggling today our team of charity partners are here for you should you need support through their range of support and services.