Meet Team Heads Together 2019: Why Aidan’s running the London Marathon

This is Aidan's first marathon.

Why are you running the marathon?

I’m a 24 year old smoker who probably did a bit too much damage at university. I’ve found running in the past two years to be both great for exercise, but also for clearing my head. I did a few half marathons (Royal Parks and Brighton) and I really fancied the challenge.

Why are you running it for Heads Together?

I’m a strategist at an advertising agency, which can be quite high pressure and I find running to be great for my mental health. I had a tough time whilst completing my Masters degree, and my girlfriend struggles with bad anxiety, so I suppose I want to do my bit to end the stigma around mental health in the UK.  

What are you most excited about on race day?

Getting it done and having a pint (I stopped drinking for a month in the run up). 

What’s keeping you motivated?

Family, friends, doing my part for charity, and a deep sense of personal achievement. The latter is a must when you’re dragging yourself out of bed at 6am in February. 

What’s your top tip of advice for a fellow marathon runner?

Get yourself a 16/24 week or however long plan try and stick to it as best you can. Don’t beat yourself up if you miss a day but try try try to keep on top of it, as you’ll get to the taper stage knowing you’ve put the work in. 

Don’t stress about pace on your first marathon. This is a personal failure of mine – I’ve been so obsessed with my Fitbit and my time (I’m going for 3:40) that it has taken the shine off training sometimes if I’ve had a bad or slow run. Now i’m starting to focus on just getting round and enjoying the day over pace. Finally, remember why you’re doing it. 

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