Episode 12: Owning your Feed to support your Mental Heath

Episode 12: Owning your Feed to support your Mental Heath

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Today’s episode features the incredible Jada Sezer  – an ambassador for YoungMinds who is also a model, mental health advocate, marathon runner, and long standing Heads Together supporter.

The episode is all about social media, and Jada shares her top tips for taking ownership over your social media feeds to better support your mental health.

It’s no secret that how we experience social media can affect our mood – sometimes what we see online can have a negative impact on our lives – making us worry about how look; about how our lives compare to others; or about things we feel we’re missing out on. We’re so grateful to Jada for sharing her top tips, which you can listen to below:


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Transcript for Episode 12

VO: 60 Second Support

Professor Green: I’m Professor Green, bringing you help and advice from some amazing people during the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s important we talk about how we’re feeling right now, and today we hear from YoungMinds Ambassador Jada Sezer on how social media can impact our mental health.

Jada Sezer: Being connected is a big part of our lives but what we see online can really affect our mood.

Take a look through your social media feeds and workout what makes you feel good and what doesn’t.

Try unfollowing or muting accounts that annoy or upset you. While many online communities are positive spaces, some can be negative for you too.

Avoid any that encourage you to do things which are harmful for your physical or mental health. Find people who make you feel welcome.

And if you’re struggling with things you are experiencing online, talk to someone you trust.

VO: 60 Second Support with Heads Together… supported by the Audio Content Fund.

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