Episode 10: Reaching out for Support

Episode 10: Reaching out for Support

This episode was created for you by the team at Heads Together 

Now, more than ever, we must all remember that whoever we are, and whatever we’re going through, it’s ok to talk about it – and if we need help, it’s important that we know we can reach out.  Talking to someone can be  a really positive step, and you can reach out to friends or family, or if you’re not sure where to turn, our charity partners are there for you.

In Episode 10 of our #60SecondSupport series, our long time supporter Hussain Manawer shares this important message about reaching out for support.


About Heads Together charity partners

The Heads Together campaign brings together eight leading mental health charities and organisations in the UK.

Many of our Heads Together partners, and many other organisations, run confidential helplines and online services staffed by volunteers who can relate to the difficult times you or someone you know may be going through. See below for support that is available to you.

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Transcript for Episode 10

VO: 60 Second Support

Professor Green: I’m Professor Green, bringing you help and advice from some amazing people during the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s important we think about our mental health right now, and today we hear from Heads Together supporter and friend of mine Hussain Manawer on getting the support you might need.

Hussain Manawer: If you’re worried about a change in your mood and feel like you need help, it’s important to know that no matter how isolated you might feel, you are not alone.You can reach out to a friend or relative over the phone or discuss how you’re feeling with someone you live with.

If you need to talk but you’re not sure where to turn, the Heads Together charity partners are there for you and offer a range of services and advice. Whether on the phone, online, or over text, there are lots of ways to get help and support if you need it.

VO: 60 Second Support with Heads Together… supported by the Audio Content Fund.

Professor Green: For more help and advice visit headstogether.org.uk

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