Transcript – Episode 2

Supporting others from a distance

60 Second Support: Episode 2 – Supporting Others from a Distance
With Poorna Bell


VO: 60 Second Support


Professor Green: Hello. Professor Green here, with more help and advice about how we can care for
ourselves and others during the coronavirus pandemic. Today we’re hearing from the amazing journalist and mental health activist Poorna Bell who supports the charity Campaign Against Living Miserably – and she knows just how important it is that we support people we care about.


Poorna: We’re all adjusting to life in lockdown, which means people who may need our
support aren’t nearby. So, here’s how I help friends and family from afar.

Number one – Stay connected. Plan video calls, online games, virtual movie nights, or send photo
updates. Then secondly, take time to really listen to how they are feeling. Thirdly, you can offer to pick up extra food items during your big shops, if you can. And fourth, encourage them to exercise. A one hour walk somewhere quiet or perhaps an online class.
Lastly, remind them not to lose hope, that we are all in this together and that they
can count on you for support.

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