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#ThereForMe Series

The #ThereForMe Series is a collection of videos that celebrate the support that people have given. We spoke with people about mental health challenges they have experienced and discovered the invaluable support they received.

A range of challenges are discussed and each story is different. All of the videos highlight the practical support that a person gave, whether it was their mother, support worker or a charity helpline.

Morgan and Mitch

“My name is Morgan; I’m 19 years old and currently studying in London.  I would like to thank my midwife Mitch Denny, not just for her support, but also for inspiring me. I discovered I was expecting a baby in 2014. At the time, I was nervous about disclosing I’d previously suffered with mental illness, but I knew it could be affected by my pregnancy.  I was also worried I might not be allowed to have my baby, and that I wouldn’t be a good mum.”

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Jess and Caroline

“I was formally diagnosed with anorexia four years ago, but I had problems since I was sixteen.  Back then, I still believed in the misconceptions of anorexia. I learnt the hard way eating disorders aren’t just about food. The illness tainted nearly every aspect of life; I was too physically and mentally exhausted to focus on anything. My whole world narrowed to the illness and I just shut myself away.”

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 Jamie and Helen

“When my wife Nic was just 35, she was diagnosed with cancer.  I nursed Nic for just over four months, watched the cancer slowly take her. I’d gone from running my own business to being a full-time carer, and both dad and mum to our son. After her death, I was drowning. I lost my business, our family home and my self-respect. The past seven years have seen me suffer from a wide-ranging catalogue of mental health problems: depression, anxiety, insomnia and lack of confidence.”

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Gary and Maria

“When I met Maria I was working as a colour sergeant, but I left the army after realising it was best for our family, and instead became a singer.  However, I wasn’t used to ‘civvy street’ and found it difficult adjusting.  I had nightmares and I would lose my temper and throw things. I would never hurt Maria, but my drinking got out of control.”

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Mark and Michelle

“Like many new parents, Michelle and I couldn’t wait for the birth of our baby. But after a long labour, Michelle had an emergency C-section. I had a panic attack, convinced both my wife and baby were going to die. Michelle suffered badly from postnatal depression, and I gave up work to care for my family full-time. But rather than making life better, things got worse.”

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Craig and Anne

“Last year my mental health started to deteriorate, and my relationship broke down.  Looking back I realise I was in denial; I started living in a tent, but even then didn’t realise it wasn’t ‘normal’ behaviour. I was finally offered a place at a residence providing independent accommodation and support for ex-service personnel who find themselves homeless.”

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Yvonne and Allyson

“In 2010, I lost my mum and I was in a very dark place trying to come to terms with financial hardship and emotional stress. My dad was my rock, and during his illness I became his carer, but he passed away in 2012.  Although I have two sisters, they have husbands, and I found myself unbelievable lonely with the added ‘burden’ of being strong for my own children. I found myself questioning just who I was and who would love me now?”

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Rich and Dan

“At work, I wasn’t acting like myself; I wasn’t socialising with colleagues, and generally not interacting with people. It affected my home life too – it made me a grumpier person, and my patience was a lot shorter. It even started to affect my sleep, and I found myself having vivid nightmares about it.”

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Andy and Theresa

“My name is Andy, and I would be lost without my wife Theresa – she keeps my outlook on life positive. I have MSA. It is short for Multiple System Atrophy, a rare neurological condition. My condition has developed over the last five years. Previously I was very active; a qualified Mountain Leader, an ice climber, a skier, I’ve even climbed all the Munro’s.”

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Ted and Susan

“My name is Ted, and I’m 13 years old. I would like to thank my mum Susan – she’s always helped me. When I was two, I was diagnosed with a very rare metabolic disorder called M.C.A.D.D. Only 1 in 10,000 children have it and I was very lucky I was diagnosed, because M.C.A.D.D can be life threatening.”

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Milca and James

“My name is Milca, I’m 20 and from London. I want to say a big thank you to James and The Mix for supporting me during my time of crisis. I have EUPD, emotionally unstable personality disorder. It means that I deal with long episodes of depression, anxiety and panic attacks. I have also self-harmed and made attempts to take my own life.”

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Richard and Sharon

“Three years ago my then partner and I lost a baby – we had a miscarriage. I told myself these things happen, get on with it. Then last summer I attended a road traffic accident. The casualty trapped in the car was pregnant. As soon as I heard, something just turned. I had to take time off; I wasn’t safe because of my huge mood fluctuations.”

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