London Marathon 2018 – Runner’s Stories

We got the team together for a training day at the Olympic park to prepare to run in the 2018 London Marathon. It was all about getting the team together to get to know each other and talk training, nutrition, fundraising and most importantly, mental health.

Runningwithus coach Tom kicked off the day with lots of tips on training and nutrition and Bryony Gordon and Rhian from Mind Over Marathon shared their knowledge on campaigning and fundraising.


Our runners

Michelle is running the London Marathon to highlight the pressure and struggles she faced in her Performing Arts Career.

Michelle heads together branding

Michelle is running the London Marathon for #TeamHeadstogether because she wants to highlight the pressure and struggles she faced in her Performing Arts career. She hopes to raise awareness and help young performers to talk about struggles they may face.

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This year Neil is conquering something he has always dreamed of, the London Marathon


It’s always been a dream of Neil’s to run the London Marathon. He has struggled with his mental health and believed for a long time that it was something he would never achieve. Thanks to the support of his friends and a fantastic personal trainer he is proud to be running for Heads Together this year.

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Tammi is running the London Marathon to get people talking about their mental health

London Tshirt - Tammi

Tammi is passionate about changing the conversation regarding mental health.  She believes that we should be open to talk freely without judgement of how we are feeling. And that we should encourage one another to speak and to be heard, to get the support we need to help us to feel better.

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Alex is running the London Marathon for his wife who struggles with OCD, Anxiety and Depression

Alex and fam

Alex’s has chosen to run for Heads Together to show his support for his wife Louisa, who has OCD, anxiety and depression. For him running for Heads Together is also a chance to help someone like his wife.

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Why losing his father to suicide motivated Nick to run the London Marathon for mental health


Nick is running the London marathon for Heads Together in memory of his father, who he lost to suicide when he was 6 years old.  Nick has always found that talking to about how he feels helps him and wants to help others have conversations about mental health.

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Abbie is running the London Marathon to raise awareness of Anorexia and show everyone is able to recover

Abbie image


Abbie hopes through talking about her experience with Anorexia she can help to educate, change and inspire others to talk about their experiences and give them hope for recovery.

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