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Thank you for your support for the Heads Together campaign. As an official Supporter of Heads Together you can help us and our partner charities to end the stigma around mental health and change the conversation for everyone. The more we all get behind this, the more we can help not just the individuals suffering, but also their entire families and those close to them. Our Supporters will help end stigma by starting conversations about mental health with their friends, family, colleagues and in their local communities. We are asking all our Supporters to commit to a number of important actions to help achieve this goal:

  • Role Model the Conversation: Produce your own Heads Together film showing your conversation following the format provided by Heads Together and encourage your members or employees to do the same
  • Share the Conversation: Help to spread the message of Heads Together by sharing the films and other content we publish through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (at least one per month).
  • Encourage the Conversation: Commit to starting conversations about mental health in your communities or organisations,  including holding events, and log these with Heads Together (see the Supporters of Heads Together pack for more ideas and  details).

In using the information and assets available to download, including the In Support of Heads Together logo, you are:

Please tick the below to confirm that your organisation agrees to these terms and conditions and to use the Supporter of Heads Together logo within the guidelines that will be provided on the download page.

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