The Prince and Princess Go Back To School

The Prince and Princess of Wales today visited Stewards Academy to find out more about the pressures faced by young people when they are going through big changes in their lives and the support from their friends, school and parents that can help them get through these changes.

Stewards Academy is one of the schools supported by Place2Be, a member of the team of charities brought together for the Heads Together campaign spearheaded by the Prince and Princess of Wales and Prince Harry to change the conversation on mental health from shame to support. Place2Be has been an integral part of the support network available to pupils at the Academy for several years.

During the visit, their Royal Highnesses attended a lesson led by students and a special assembly for Years 7 and 11 on coping with big changes in life.

Today let’s change the conversation on mental health and wellbeing with young people together. Read The Prince’s blog below, download and share our 10 tips for talking, and join in with the conversation on change today via #HeadsTogether.

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"Moving to a new school, or up a year at an existing school – with new friends, teachers, subjects, rules and expectation – is a big deal for young people. All of us who are adults remember how daunting it was, but we sometimes take it for granted that children will be able to cope with the change. "

Big changes like starting a new school can add to the pressures young people feel and talking to children about these changes isn’t always easy. We’ve put together 10 tips to help you encourage children to tell you about their worries. There's a version for both primary and secondary school ages.

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Without support, children facing challenges such as bereavement, domestic violence, family breakdown or neglect can easily go off the rails. Place2be’s counselling services – based in schools – help stop the downward spiral, resulting in happier children who are able to learn.

"Catherine, Harry and I have decided that we can use our positions to make a difference on the subject of mental health. It should not be a taboo subject in the year 2016. So, the Heads Together campaign is all about getting people talking about the difficult times that many of us will face and have faced in our lives. Talking can make us realise that we’re not alone. The opposite of talking is isolation and fear."

If you're struggling, many of our Heads Together partners, and many other organisations, run confidential helplines and online services staffed by volunteers who can relate to the difficult times you or someone you know may be going through.

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