60 Second Support: Episode 15 Transcript

Transcript for Episode 15

VO: 60 Second Support

Professor Green: I’m Professor Green, bringing you help and advice from some amazing people during the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s important we all look after our mental health right now. And today we’re chatting to Chloe Combi who works with The Mix, about how to stay calm when tensions rise at home.

Chloe Combi: After a few weeks of being cooped up at home with friends or family, it’s natural that there may be some disagreements.

If you’re feeling frustrated, maybe go for a walk or a run if you can. Exercise is really good at counteracting the negative effects of confinement.

Try moving to a different room or agreeing fifteen minutes time out. Collect your thoughts and allow everyone else to collect theirs. After some time out, the argument may not seem as important.

Reach out to people outside of your home by calling friends or, if you feel it is having a very negative impact on your mental health, don’t be afraid to seek professional advice.

Exercise, space and connecting with others will all help you to manage your feelings, and your relationships at home.

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