Transcript – Episode 4

60 Second Support: Episode 4 – Dealing with Stress in Isolation
With Dr Walter Busuttil


VO: 60 Second Support


Professor Green: I’m Professor Green, bringing you help and advice from some amazing people during the coronavirus pandemic. It’s important we talk about our mental health right now, and today we’re chatting with the Director of Medical Services at Combat Stress, Walter Bussutil about coping during lock down.


Dr Walter Busuttil: The first thing to think about is routine – try to plan your day and get into a rhythm. As well as factoring in the practical things, make time for the activities you enjoy.

Think about your physical as well as mental fitness. Eat regularly, stay hydrated, and remain active, as well as making time for relaxation or meditation.

Talk to someone daily – have regular chats with the people you’re isolating with; or if you are alone, take advantage of the technology available to you, reaching out to those you know, or contacting one of the Heads Together charity partners.


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