Transcript – Episode 3

60 Second Support: Episode 3 – Managing Fears about the Future
With Sarah Kendrick

VO: 60 Second Support


Professor Green: Hello. I’m Professor Green, bringing you help and advice from some amazing people during the coronavirus pandemic.

In times like these it’s completely normal to be worrying about tomorrow holds. So here’s Sarah Kendrick, a psychotherapist from Shout 85258 with some simple things you can do to avoid future fear.


Sarah Kendrick: First think about what you do have control over, rather than things that you can’t do anything about. That’ll help you regain those feelings of control.

If anxiety sets in, take a moment to breathe. My favourite technique is the four – seven – eight. That’s a deep breath through your nose and count to four, hold in for seven, then
breath out through your nose or mouth to a count of eight. Repeat this a few times.

And finally, talking through your worries with someone is helpful – whether it’s over
text or a call. Don’t feel that you have to face a problem alone. Sharing your thoughts can take charge of what’s consuming your mind, which may help your worry about the future.


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