Transcript – Episode 1

Talking Mental Health with Katie Piper

60 Second Support: Episode 1 – Talking Mental Health
With Katie Piper


VO: 60 Second Support

Professor Green: Hello. I’m Professor Green, bringing you help and advice from some amazing people during the coronavirus pandemic.It’s important we talk about our mental health right now, and today we hear from Heads Together supporter Katie Piper on how to get those conversations started.

Katie Piper: When we’re going through a difficult time, or not quite feeling ourselves, it can be difficult to tell others how we’re doing. But the more we talk about it, and ask others how they’re doing, the more normal the conversations will start to feel. And those conversations can be the first step to better mental health.The more we talk about what we’re going through, and listen to each other, the easier it becomes–and we feel better for it.So next time you’re chatting to someone close to you, just let them know how you’re coping, and remember to ask them how they’re doing too.

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