Team Heads Together Volunteers Changing the Conversation on Mental Health

My friend Esther and I offered to volunteer at the London Marathon 2018 for Team Heads Together. We both know many people who have and still do struggle with mental health and we couldn’t think of anything more worthwhile than cheering on and helping out individuals who were raising funds for such an awesome charity.

We felt so privileged to be able to support ordinary people who had decided to take on an extraordinary challenge. We really were able to make a difference to the runner’s day by cheering them on, making sure they kept hydrated and showing our runners back to the hospitality venue to receive a well-earned massage and lunch.
The atmosphere on race day was amazing, there was such a positive vibe. It was also emotional, as so many runners were there because of loved ones they had lost. On crossing the finish line all their emotions came pouring out and we just hugged them and cried too!

As Volunteers, we were really looked after by the organisers of Team Heads Together and refreshments and food were beautifully fresh and plentiful. We were made to feel as special as the runners themselves and we really did feel a part of a special team on the day.

The feeling you get as a volunteer, knowing you have helped in some small way to support such amazing people really is the icing on the cake. Without hesitation, I would encourage everyone to volunteer to help out a charity whenever they are able to. It is so rewarding, on a personal level as well as to the wider community. We could have chosen to stay at home on our Sunday off work but instead we caught a train to London, we volunteered for a phenomenal charity and managed to support individuals we had never met before at one of the most fantastic events of the year and all in one day. It was a day we will never forget and very much hope we are able to help out again at some point in the future.