Share Your Story

“We do not want fear and shame to stand in the way of people getting the help they need”  – The Duchess of Cambridge

Real stories from real people can help to achieve this. Reading a blog, or watching a video from someone who has been through a similar thing to you can help you feel less alone.

We’re looking for stories to feature on our website and to share on social media. Whether you have experience of a mental health problem, you have struggled through a life challenge or you just have a passion for breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health – we’d love to hear from you!

What should each story aim to achieve?

Every blog or vlog should focus on conversations around mental health. Whether it is discussing opening up about a mental health problem, particularly supportive conversations that have helped you through a difficult time or general conversations about mental health that have been positive for you.


We are looking for stories that fit within the aims of the Heads Together campaign:

  • Role-modelling conversations – e.g. having supportive conversations with your kids or work colleagues
  • Amplifying mental health through the London Marathon – e.g. the link between physical & mental health, starting a national conversation & the stories of London Marathon runners
  • Celebrating support – What/who helped you get through a difficult time – e.g. a particular conversation that helped when you were struggling


  • Focus on one thing in your blog like a challenge in your life that you have overcome
  • Have you come on a journey? Tell us more about what is what like at the beginning to what it is like now
  • Do you have any advice or tips you could share?

Note – we can’t publish triggering content such as descriptions of self-harm or suicide Read Time to Change’s Guidelines 

Writing your blog

We find that stories work better when the style is informal and conversational. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Be yourself and write as if you’re talking
  • Focus on events that have happened to you
  • Stay focused and try to keep it simple – cramming too much in to one blog can be confusing to the reader
  • Short sentences and paragraphs make it easier to follow
  • Aim for your blog to be between 500-700 words
  • If possible, include pictures – e.g. of yourself or of the you with the person that has supported you.

 Making your vlog

  • Hold your camera landscape (so the shot is longer than it is high)
  • Short explanations make the video easier to follow
  • Aim for your video to be no more than 2 minutes (max. 3 minutes)
  • If possible, include the person that has supported you/that you have supported
  • Talk about your experience – give insight into you as a person, as well as advice.
  • Be yourself – getting to know your story personally is interesting for the viewer!
  • Record in a quiet and light place, where we can see you and hear you
  • Don’t include copyrighted material (e.g. music, graphics)

Marathon Stories

Objective: To highlight important conversations that have supported you or inspired you to run for mental health.

The videos should aim to give an insight into training, as well as provide online advice for those that are also running the marathon.

Whether you have experience of a mental health problem, you have struggled through a life challenge or you just wanted to be part of the London Marathon – we’d love to hear your runner stories!

  • Give a little bit of your background story – why has that made you want to run for a mental health cause?
  • Explain the specific support that a person gave – was there a particular conversation or moment that made the difference? Why do you think this advice was something that resonated with you?
  • Explain your personal link between mental & physical health – did exercise have a positive impact on your body and mind? – what changes did you notice within yourself did you notice from exercising? Did they happen straight away? How difficult did you find it to keep up with the exercise/fit it into your schedule?
  • What would your advice be to someone who hasn’t yet found a support network or is struggling to feel motivated with exercise?

Submitting your blog/vlog

Please email blogs to

Most of the time videos are too big to email so it might be easier to upload it to a hosting site, like Youtube or Vimeo and then send the link to

Please note it may take up to 10 working days for us to get back to you.

Terms and conditions

We cannot guarantee that we will publish your story but we will do our best to. We may also have to edit content from time to time but if we have to do so significantly we will email confirm the changes with you first before publishing it. You may want to consider adding your name or a link to your personal blog, or Twitter handle, however you do not have to do this.

By submitting a post on the Heads Together website you are confirming that the rights to any materials used are yours, and that any sources are credited as necessary. You are also granting Heads Together all rights to the copy. We may reproduce your blog, or quotes from your blog, in public relations (PR), electronic media and promotional materials. We reserve the right not to publish any blog post submitted.