The #MentalHealthMinute 2019

This morning, The Prince of Wales, Katy Perry, Stephen Fry, Jameela Jamil and Alesha Dixon got their Heads Together for the #MentalHealthMinute.

Over 300 radio stations joined together to kick off Mental Health Awareness week and share an important mental health message.

This year’s minute is all about the importance of listening, and the difference we can make to someone when we take the time to stop and to listen. Talking about mental health can be challenging and it’s important to show that people are listening when someone opens up, and when it comes to volunteering in mental health, the power of listening is often at the heart of it.

The #MentalHealthMinute comes just days after the launch of Heads Together legacy project, Shout. This brand new service is a 24/7 crisis text line, supported by a team of volunteers who are trained to listen and talk to people who are experiencing mental health crisis.

It’s an incredible new volunteering opportunity, training people to support others through some of the most painful and difficult times in their lives. Scroll down to see lots of other mental health volunteering opportunities listed below.

If you are experiencing mental health crisis and feel that there’s no one there to listen, you can text ‘SHOUT’ to 85258. It’s a free and confidential service, and you can find out more about by clicking on the link below.

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