Jamie running for #TeamHeadsTogether – Place2Be

I’m Jamie, a 36 year old Headteacher from High Wycombe. This time last year I was 4 stone heavier, and quite unhealthy. I was suffering from an underactive thyroid, though I didn’t know it at the time. It was quite a low point in my life, as my physical health was affecting my mental health. My mind was foggy, concentrating was hard, and I struggled with the resilience needed for my job. I’d almost started to accept feeling tired all the time, and being unable to live the life I wanted to live.

January 2016 saw the beginning of a big change for me. I decided not to accept my fate, but to do something about it. The first step was to talk. I was lucky to have a strong support network of friends and family, and also the support of the Place2Be charity in my school. Place2Be offers play based counselling to children in schools, and is a massive support to the whole community, including headteachers! My school, Viking Primary, has used the service for years and we couldn’t be without it. Through opening up about how I was feeling, it became clear I needed to focus on my mental and physical health and take better care of myself.


I repeatedly visited my GP for support on my medical issues, and once I was diagnosed and started receiving treatment I got into exercise in a big way. A good friend, Claire, encouraged me to go running (her hobby) after I discussed my difficulties with her. I can still remember how patient she was of me; puffing away and moving at a snail’s pace just to run a few times round the park!She taught me not to judge myself against anyone else’s standards, and to just ‘be the best I can be’.

I stopped worrying what I looked like, or what others thought of me. Soon the time we spent running and talking became a sort of catharsis for us both. I got to looking forward to our runs; specifically that Claire would listen without judging. I would talk about work, family, my body issues… anything really. Just having someone there helped me to remain motivated and committed.

At first exercise was HARD WORK! I would look around the gym or park, and everyone seemed fitter than me. The hardest part was to get into a routine, and not use a late finish at work or a bit of traffic as an excuse to skip the gym. Once I had been regularly going for a month or so I noticed that I felt re-energised, more able to focus on work and home life, and just generally more positive and resilient. I had grown too in self-confidence, as I was being honest with everyone about my struggles and my successes.

In October I ran my first half marathon, and couldn’t believe the positive effects of the exercise both on my body and my mind. I was now doing things I’d never have considered a guy like me doing, let alone enjoying!

My running went from strength to strength as I built up my fitness. I progressed from the local park to timed events, such as Parkrun and 10k races. In assemblies I would talk to the children about mental and physical health, the link between the two, and the importance of support in order to achieve your goals; all based around my personal experiences. I enjoyed being able to use my experiences to start supporting others. So today I have vastly improved mental and physical health, all thanks to the support of friends, family and mental health charities. It’s been a tough year, with lots of potential pitfalls along the way, but I’ve plodded on little by little every day.

The main advice I would give anyone is that with support, you can do anything. A friend the other day said I was an inspiration, but I don’t think I’m anything special. All I did was start talking. And I would encourage everyone to do the same. Start talking. Keep talking. Don’t shut up! You’ll soon find a friend who can support, inspire and help you. I’m hoping I can be that friend to someone too. That’s why I am proud to talk about mental health and run for Heads Together at this year’s London Marathon.

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