Following a season of campaigning to start the biggest ever conversation on mental health through football, Heads Up will come to its crescendo at the ‘Heads Up FA Cup Final’ on Saturday 1st August 2020.

After a season unlike any other, the Heads Up FA Cup Final will mark the end of the domestic football season by dedicating the final of the world’s oldest football competition to the Heads Up campaign and mental health.

Football may be behind closed doors, but this season we’ve put mental health out in the open. On what is a landmark moment, we will be using this iconic stage to shine a spotlight on mental health and the importance of talking and supporting each other. So even though the stands on the 1st August will be silent, that doesn’t mean the support will stop.

We will fill the quiet with a different type of support. Just like the fans’ support continues from sofas across the country, we need to stand shoulder to shoulder and arm in arm to support and champion each other. Sometimes, the #SoundofSupport isn’t just about making a lot of noise. It’s a text to a friend to check in; the sound of the kettle going on; an ‘alright mate?’ that actually wants an answer.

Whether you’re cheering on those around you who might be struggling, kicking off a conversation about mental health, or simply being there to listen, on a day when Wembley will be silent, we’re asking fans to break the silence with the sound of their support – and make sure it’s heard by those who need it.

Find out more about the #HeadsUpFACupFinal by downloading the matchday programme for free:

Download the matchday programme here


"This is a ground-breaking moment that sees the final of the world’s oldest football competition dedicated to mental health, and will form part of our lasting legacy to create the biggest ever conversation around mental health through football."

The Prince of Wales

How to show the sound of your support - and how to find support

We all know what good support sounds like in the stands, but it can be hard to know how to support someone who is struggling. We’ve worked with our charity partners to help you find support when you need it, and to help others do the same.