Five Ways To Get Involved in Poetry

1. Check out a local spoken word night

If you’re new to poetry or looking for something new, why not try going to a spoken word event? They can be a great way to find some inspiration for writing or even have a go at open mic.

2. Re-define what poetry means

You may feel unsure if poetry is for you. Perhaps you haven’t heard a poet that you can relate to or you haven’t found a poem that resonates with you. Poetry can be in many different forms, spoken word, visual poetry, rap. Find out what poetry means to you.

3. Attend a poetry workshop

Get inspired at a poetry event or workshop. Test out your creative skills or find out tips on performance poetry. Poetry events can be a fantastic way to get involved in discussions about modern poetry. Apples & Snakes is a great place to find out about spoken word events happening across the UK.

4. Discover modern poets

Contemporary poets can be a great way to learn more about the themes that poetry is currently discussing. Listening to spoken word artists or reading the work of modern poets demonstrates the diversity of work that is currently available. For some examples of modern poets, have a look at Button Poetry.

5. Reach out to organisations

If you’re a poet wanting to share your work, why not try getting in contact with organisations that you feel would be interested in the themes you discuss. Perhaps there is a charity in your area with messages that closely relate to the issues you discuss in your poetry. If you know a poetry organisation why not try getting in touch with them about any projects that you can get involved in.