The Mix

The Mix is the largest support service for people under 25, providing help, information and support – 24/7 and 365 days a year

1 in 10 young people feel that they cannot cope with day-to-day life. This increases to 1 in 5 among those not yet in education nor employment.

The Mix is the result of the recent merger of two of the UK’s leading youth support charities and currently reaches 1.7 million of people under 25 in the UK. It combines YouthNet’s extensive digital reach and Get Connected’s telephone helpline and counselling service. The Mix offers multi-issue support with a particular focus on mental wellbeing and creates opportunities through volunteering.

“The Mix feels like somewhere I know I can go to for whatever support I need, from other young people or experts. I get to hear what others are going through and share my experiences to help support them as well…”

Mike (20), The Mix user and volunteer

The Mix’s work:

The Mix is the here to take on the embarrassing problems, weird questions, and please-don’t-make-me-say-it-out-loud thoughts that people under 25 have in order to give them the best support through our digital and phone services in the following ways:

  • A free and confidential helpline – 0808 808 4994. Available 365 days via phone, email or webchat with a free app for instant access to help
  • The Mix website – offering essential support and advice on everything from sex and relationships to mental health and well being
  • Discussion boards – an online community for young people where they can talk anonymously about anything on their mind
  • Live Chat – our online chat rooms allow young people to have a safe space to share what’s on their mind
  • Expert Chat – we rope in experts to answer young people’s questions on everything from bullying to problems at work.
  • Your Voices – a place for young people to share their experiences, stories and life hacks
  • The StepFinder app – ‘local help, easily found.’ A free app for young people to find and access vital local support services
  • The Stressheads app – ‘turning your phone into a stress killing machine.’ A free app to help alleviate stress, especially around exam time

To find out more about running for The Mix, please contact [email protected]

Visit the The Mix site to find out more about the charity


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